Massages offer a whole world of benefits for anyone. But with the many types of massages available today, how can you determine the best for you? Below are the 7 common types of massage that are available in almost every massage parlor.

massage settingBasic Back Massage

This is the basic message that you can avail of in any spa. It typically starts with a 15-minute session and gradually increases into 40 minutes into an hour. Back massages often targeted on-you guessed it-all areas of your back to work out any knots and stressed areas.

Swedish Massage

The most common massage type that targeted the whole body. A Swedish massage is characterized by mild kneading, circular motions, and long strokes to affect an overall massage for your muscles. This type of massage is often accompanied by the use of massage lotions and oils.

Hot Stone Massage

This type of massage uses hot stones that were placed on various parts of the body to lightly loosen up tightened and stressed muscles.

Aromatherapy Massage

This is a basic massage of the body which uses aromatherapy oils. These oils are chosen according to the mood needed to induce in the patient, whether it be to energize, de-stress, or calm – these oils give off an effect through their aroma, and this works simultaneously with the massage.traditional massage

Thai Massage

This is a gentle type of massage. It commonly involves gentle stretching, pulling and also bending to help and manipulate the flow of vital energy in the body. Thai massage focuses on massage channels and points and this is a message that the therapist will use feet and elbows as well as hands.

Sports Massage

Another popular massage is the sports massage and is used for patients who may have incurred one or many sport-related injuries and need their muscles worked on. It also helps prevent strains. It is also supposed to help you with muscle fatigue after exercise by releasing toxins from the muscles giving you a quicker recovery rate. The type of massage used is usually fairly deep.

massage toolsDeep Tissue Massage

This massage is a more advanced type that seeks to get at the deeper layers of muscles and respective tissues that are holding stress and tension. The therapist administering deep tissue massage to his/her patient will use increased pressure and hard strokes when massaging to reach these underlying layers. More often than not, deep tissue is used for people who experience chronic pain in their muscles due to occupational hazards or sports injuries.


These are only a few massage therapies among hundreds, so before choosing one make sure you have a good idea of what you would like to achieve from it.

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